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About Basma Hameed

In the field of Micro-Pigmentation Basma Hameed is in a class by herself, she is a distinguished and well-trusted artist with industry leading techniques and procedures methods  in the world of Micro-Pigment Implantation.

Stemming from a childhood accident which left Basma with scarring covering over 40% of her face. Basma Hameed exhausted all of the traditional methods to deal with scarring and skin discolouration. Do to her personal desire and will power to never stop striving for excellence Basma trained and developed a technique for para-medical tattooing that she tested on herself over a 3-5 year period. Working on her own injury extensively allowed her to have an in-depth understanding of pigments, skin tones, scarring, and symmetry.

Now as the founder of the Basma Hameed Training Academy, Basma prides herself from years of real world work experience, offering state of the art facilities, techniques, color artistry, study of symmetry, and attention to fine detail. The Basma Hameed Training Academy is a Global company creating high quality Micro-Pigmentation education. The educational material we have developed will help empower the next generation of artist to succeed in the Micro-Pigmentation industry.

Attending school at The Basma Hameed Training Academy means students will be versed in the language of Micro-Pigmentation above the industry standard allowing graduates to feel confident with their education enabling them to communicate and apply their talent to their clients as a confident Micro- Pigmentation professional.