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Lorne M. Tarshis MD FRCSC FACS, Chief Surgeon, Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, Toronto

Ms. Basma Hameed has been affiliated with us for the last several years providing cosmetic tattooing expertise. Her high ethical standards and integrity are in keeping with the philosophy of the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery. She is a skilled cosmetic tattoo artist who has been an asset to our clients. We sincerely appreciate her affiliation with us.

Natalie Halcro, WAGS LA

Natalie Halcro, WAGS LAI had a scar that I have tried every type treatment on and nothing has worked. I came across Basma's work after lots of research. She was able to cover up my scar completely. Her work is unbelievable!

Annette White

Annette White - Before and AfterBasma is one of warmest, kindest, most wonderful people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Without her help I would still be locking myself away in my house, but with her help I now have the courage to face the world. Now I have something I never had before: hope.

Thank you Basma from the bottom of my heart. To anyone else looking to have some work done you will never find anyone better.

Thank you Basma.


Annette White

Mary B.

I am so happy I made the connection with you. To know that there are options out there to make me feel complete! Knowing that you don't have to sacrifice your self image to stay alive is very comforting. As a cancer survivor I have found quite a few diamonds in the rough. One of them is being able to meet such wonderful people as yourself, that I would have never met if I didn't have cancer.

Suzanne M.

I just read an article regarding your story and you offering to do work for free for those less fortunate and commend you for extending your assistance and giving back to the community.I have no doubt many will be grateful for your help.God Bless!

Lisa A.

I saw you on the CBC, and applaud your confidence and creative solution that will help so many. Thank you for finding a way.


I found Basmas story so inspiring I felt the need to reach out even if I can't be helped.

Nicole M.

Somehow My eyes are tearful after seeing you on CBC news. I don't really know why. I'm really touched by your story. There must have been so much hardships. And now you want to help other people who who have similar experience, that really touches my heart.


Dear Doctor Hameed,
I am an 18 year old young lady from Jamaica in the Caribbean. Firstly I want to tell you that your story is truly inspiring and I admire your dedication and spirit that has gotten you to this point in your life. You are doing phenomenal work and I wish for you, continued success personally and professionally.


Hi Basma,
Thank you so much for yesterday! I was really amazed how it is possible to use color to blend with the skin! The keloid was actually flattened a bit. Believe the redness will go away within a couple days. Im strictly following the aftercare instructions. Can't wait for the result to start to show. :) Will keep you updated. Really looking forward to seeing its new look! Thank you!