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At the Basma Hameed Clinics we pride ourselves on delivering world class service. We are leaders in the art of permanent makeup procedures as our technicians have extensive knowledge of face shapes, symmetry and colours. Our technicians pay close attention to detail and are dedicated to customize the perfect look for each client that suites their personal style as well as their lifestyle.


Basma Hameed has developed this unisex Camouflage Foundation as an alternative to the paramedical micropigmentation procedure due to the high demand worldwide. The BHC Foundation was specifically designed for scars, burns, birthmarks, acne, hypo/hyper pigmentation, and vitiligo. It can also be used as a base foundation for the general public because of its flawless velvet feel. The BHC Foundation is a one step application system that gives you complete coverage, with a matte finish, and will leave your skin feeling fresh while maintaining all day wear.

Scar Camouflage Concealer

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Basma Hameed Survivors Foundation

The objective of the Basma Hameed Survivors Foundation is to educate fellow survivors and the greater public by advocating the available methods for burn and scar survivors through para-medical scar camouļ¬‚aging, laser treatment and hair transplants to help survivors to regain their lives.

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